We are For Sale/Moving Online

Dear Friends,
It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I have decided not to renew
my lease at the end of September. As some of you know, I have some health issues,
and although I am still able to work, I can no longer maintain a Brick & Mortar.
2nd Appearance is for sale, so if you or someone you know would like to continue
it’s 42 year legacy as an award winning consignment shop (Wicked Local Best Of Newton
2017) please email me or call 617-527-7655.

Barring a sale, our doors will close on September 25th 2017. But 2nd Appearance
will live on as an online store!
If you have items under active consignment: DON”T WORRY! Your items will run for
the remainder of the consignment period as usual and will be priced in accordance
with our regular prices.
If you have a balance with us your money is still available no matter when your
sale occurred. Feel free to request it any time or I will be sending checks out in September.
We will continue to accept Summer consignment through the end of July under the following conditions:
+ Items run from when we take them in until August 30th.
+ Items will be accepted in a donation-only basis.
Otherwise things will remain the same. Starting in September we may start accepting consignment for sale online. I will keep you posted.

I know that other consignment stores have closed in a messy hurry, but I’m determined that this shall be orderly and fair. Barring a sale 2nd Appearance will be moving on, not going away!

Thank you so much to all of the friends, mentors, customers and consignors I have met in my 5 years running 2nd Appearance! Hope to see you before we close!

All The Best,