How it works:

1) Call or email to schedule a pick-up. We will come to you anywhere in the greater Newton/Wellesley/Waltham area. You can leave items outside the door or we can meet at a specified time. (It’s really no problem, I’m still living in Newton!) You can also mail items to us, just make sure you have an active consignor contract first! (Contact us for more details,)

2) Please have clothing neatly folded in a bag. We are currently looking for winter and holiday, but we can take a few items in any season since it’s summer somewhere! Although we’re trying to skew a bit higher end and vintage, if you typically made at least $100 at a time consigning with us you are a good candidate for the online store.

3) We will enter your items into the system and send you an item list. Any items that are not eligible for online sale will passed onto Sister Thrift to raise money for the Metro West Humane society. You will see the donated items as “X items or donation valued at $X”

4) Then the hard work starts we will photograph and measure your clothing and post them online. You will get an email with your consignor login information when your first item goes live on eBay. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD! You can track how your items are doing by logging in at any time. You can also view your item on eBay.

5) There will be a 14 day delay between when an item ships and when the money is available. Checks over $20 will be sent out in the third week of every month. Checks $20 and under will be sent out every other month. There is a $1 Check fee.

6) After 60 days unsold items will be donated. Donation receipts will be mailed at the end of the year or by request.