7 Habits of Highly Successful Consignors

While anyone can be a consignor, it can’t be argued that some people are more successful than others. Here are some habits of those who are particularly successful.


  1. Shop a lot, consign a lot.  Okay, I would never suggest that you shop more to make more money consigning, but if you already have “a shopping problem,” regularly consigning what you don’t wear is a good way to clear space in your closet and get a little back.
  2. Let it Go! Like the song says, my most successful consignors have already let go of their clothes and accessories before the bring them in. Many of my top consignors use the “Quick Drop” method, which allows them to consign on their schedule.
  3. Clear Closet Seasonally It’s natural to want to clear the clothes you no longer wear at the end of each season, but successful consignors pack all of this seasons clean clothes away and cull out what they don’t want at the beginning of next years season.
  4. Consign a Range of Clothing Don’t just bring in Aunt Jo’s vintage coat and your daughter’s prom dress. People always want to bring in suits, party dresses and vintage clothing, but really successful consignors also bring in a lot of quality contemporary casual items. (Suits really don’t do well here.)
  5. Take Care of Your Clothes If you know it’s time to clear out your clothes because they are covered in rips and stains, consigning might not be right for you. Successful consignors may bring in the occasional stained or ripped item, but for the most part they bring in clean clothes in good condition.
  6. Consign at a the Right Store Would you shop at this store? If you can imagine your closet fitting in with the store then it’s probably a good fit.
  7. Let it go! No seriously! My top consignors make more money and are less stressed because they aren’t worried about pick-up dates, plus they have the satisfaction of knowing their unsold clothes are going to support a good cause.